Radioactivity and Waste

 Ionising Radiations

 Types of Waste

Householdwaste → Organic litter –ex : peals, egg shells, meal leftovers, etc.

Land Waste ex: coated, rubble, sand, stones, concrete, demolition rubbles.

Hazardous waste → Pollutants or toxics – ex: paint, polish and paint brushes, spray cans, oilfilters, batteries, solvents, soil wrappings, absorbents, inflammable oils andused fluids.

Non-hazardouswaste → ex: scrap iron, scrapand non-scrap metal, steel, plastic, PVC, ground coating, untreated wood,plaster bags, cardboard, paper, wrappings.

Special Industrial waste →ex:Asbestos, lead – also called Hazardous waste.

Waste comparable tohousehold waste → Company waste

Waste from activitieswith risk of Infectious equipment → ex: used syringes, plasma.

Electric and electronicwaste → ex: T.V, washing machine, toys.